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Monday, 26 September 2011

Meeting Employers' Needs

Recruiters use resumes to identify prospective candidates for
their open positions and to screen candidates to select the
best qualified for further consideration and interviewing.

Providing the information employers need

An employer's initial assessment of a resume usually involves
one or more reviews to determine how closely the person
described in the document matches the profile of an ideal
candidate. In most cases, the information provided in the
resume about a person's field of employment, experience, and
skills is compared to the requirements specified in a position
description or recruiting requisition developed by a human
resource department and/or hiring manager.

Often, a quick evaluation is performed first to eliminate those
individuals who clearly are not qualified for the position
because they have no background in the requisite career field
or lack adequate experience. Then a more detailed assessment
is performed to identify those candidates who best match the
position specifications and should be interviewed by phone
and/or in person.

To best represent you in this evaluation process, your resume
must present your qualifications in the right vocabulary and
in the right place.

  • The right vocabulary. Recruiters look for terms that 

express the skills and knowledge required to qualify a
candidate for the available job. Because most recruiters
don't have a working background in the technical fields
for which they recruit, the greater the similarity between
the terms they use and the terms found in your resume,
the easier it is for a match to be identified. So express
your qualifications in the vocabulary of recruiters.
To determine the exact words and phrases to use, check
the employment ads in your local newspaper and other
publications for positions similar to the one you're seeking. See how recruiters are describing your skills and
background, and then include their terms in your

  • The right place. The sheer volume of resumes that 

employers must review for each position precludes them
from spending more than a moment or two on each document. In such a situation, even qualified candidates can
be overlooked if their skills and experience are hard to
find in the body of their resumes. To make sure that your
resume isn't missed for the position you want, summarize your credentials in a paragraph titled "Profile" and
place it at the top of your resume, just above the experience section. Although other sections of your resume
provide much more information about your capabilities,
this up-front summary ensures that even a harried
reviewer can quickly find and evaluate your potential
match with an open position.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Resume Writing Service

Choosing a good online resume writing service can be a hard task with so many services available with a simple search. The short answer to the question is: find the best resume writer service available, as compared to the cost of your education, or the money you will earn in the future, the cost of the resume writing service is rather small. But you must remember, no matter how good your resume is, the ability to get jobs still comes down to your skills and experience.

Resume writing services can help you get a job because they have a huge knowledge of resumes and can do the best do highlight you abilities and skills. Many people do not know how to bring out their skills and abilities out onto a piece of paper, and then to show them in the best possible light. This is when the writing service comes in, they know how to promote you to show your best.
To select the best possible resume service, you should ensure that the one you select can provide a full array of services including resumes, cover letters and personal statements. This ensures that they have a broad knowledge in the field, and don't just put you resume into a template. You should also ensure that they have interactive and detailed sheets for submitting your information for the resume, a phone number so that you can contact them easily and examples of resumes and cover letters.

Be sure that the website of the resume writing service is professional, with a clean, smooth looking website, as if their website isn't professional looking, your resume isn't going to either! It is also important to remember, that since this is an online service, don't limit yourself to local resume writers. There may be better resume writers elsewhere in the world compared to locally.

The cost of online resume writing services can vary greatly, but as a general rule of thumb, you usually get what you pay for. Although, it is important to note that you must compare at least several providers to see that you get similar amount of services for similar prices. The main thing is, the cost of the resume is very little compared to what you will earn from your job, and if you have just completed university, it is a tiny cost compared to that of your education.

You can also try and find a resume writer who specializes in the area of work you are looking for employment in. If you can find one that knows your industry, they can quite often write the resume as the ideal resume for employers in that industry. They can insert "buzzwords" that can trigger employers into reading your resume more closely.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Best tips for Professional Cover Letter

A cover letter is an additional document which comes along with the main document. A cover letter provides additional information about the resume or it describes in brief the main content of the resume. In fact in certain cases, the resume is sent as an attachment to a cover letter. Therefore, the cover letter is said to be the backbone of a resume and carries the first impression. It is basically said to be the selling tool for a resume. It is a mirror image of the resume and becomes the next step in the process of an interview. In short it is a short formal introduction of the applicant.

A well written cover letter is acceptable instantly only if the below mentioned tips are followed at the time of its designing. A cover letter is a gist of the resume and gives the employer a background of what the resume is all about. In order to make the cover letter more appealing, the following tips can be used. There are number of websites that provides cover letter samples and resume samples with free of cost that people may use them to build their own one.

Best tips for writing a Professional Cover Letter:

• Brief content: The cover letter should not exceed the limit of one page. All the important details should be either put in paragraphs or bulleted points. Any kind of flowery language or excessive use of power words should be avoided. This loses the authenticity of the resume and ultimately its quality.
• Being assertive and proactive: Usage of certain words like ‘I’ should be avoided as much as possible as it can show too much individualism. The applicant should phrase sentences from the view point of the growth of the company. Hence, he or she should mention how his or her skills and special qualities can contribute to the profitability of the company.
• Tailored to a specific company: The cover letter should be specific to the company, and should not boast unnecessarily about it. By tactfully projecting his/her prior knowledge about the company, the applicant comes across as an interested and motivated candidate and this can swing the fortunes in his/her favor. The applicant should therefore keep abreast of the current knowledge about the company, regarding the events, new launches, research activities, etc.
• Revision of the Cover letter: Although there are many jobs available under different professions, for every profession the cover would be different. Utmost care should be taken not to send the same cover letter for different types of resumes.
• Converting Non-professional details: For fresher applicants who do not have any professional experience, their achievements and extra skills can be reframed in terms of business language. This means that if, the candidate has acquired any merits for extracurricular activities, these can be mentioned in terms of being utilized for the growth of the company.
• Proofreading: After the complete cover letter has been drafted, it is a good practice to re read it before submitting. The letter should be drafted to an individual only and not to the company as a whole. Proofreading helps in finding errors related to language, spellings and grammar.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Best Accounting Resume Tips

Accounting jobs are challenging jobs and require people who have expertise in accounts or longer job experiences in the field of accounts. However, although all resumes are good, they might not necessarily be worth selecting. There may be a number of job positions requiring people to handle the financial matters. There are a number of resumes received by employers, but only the one that appeals to them is chosen. Once the resume is selected, the prospective candidate gets an opportunity to be invited for an interview.

Nowadays, most of the resumes are sent via e-mails, therefore there are various techniques which can be used while drafting any accounting resume. However, while using any such software, the applicant should bear in mind that while using font and other presentation methods, the gravity of the data should not be lost. Given below are some of the important tips for accounting resume writing:
  • When starting an accounting resume, the presentation chosen should be good and include clarity. The font style too should be readable. A proper case for typing the letters should be used. Titles and headings should be put to use only in certain cases. Too much use of bold letters can make the resume lose its simplicity.
  • The objective on the resume should be well written in a crisp form. As there are a number of jobs lined up in the accounting field, the objective should focus only on the specific job vacancy. The objective statement should not extend to more than two lines and should read as an objective only.
  • The skills and expertise mentioned in the resume should correlate with the vacant job position. These should be mentioned in an impressive manner and can include action words.
  • The professional experience can be included in an appropriate manner and these should mainly emphasize on the accounting job responsibilities only.
  • The resume should be drafted in such a way that it stays on the mind of the employer and leaves a long lasting impression. The job experiences are more important as they are the ones that catch the eye of the employer. The important responsibilities should be highlighted first and should stand as priority.
  • No information should be made up and inauthentic data should be eliminated completely. Honest and valid information plays a vital role in the resume. If any incorrect data is found in the resume of the candidate, it can result in a negative impression. This can then adversely affect the image of the applicant.
Accounting jobs are quite interesting and offer a variety of positions to the applicants. Also there are number of fields that requires the best resumes for that one may use the online resume services providing number of resume samples.