Friday, 29 July 2011

Purpose of Updating Your Resume

You have a good job and are quite happy with your job, but the fact is that, it is only until you know that you could have got something better. Even if you are working, you need to keep your resume updated. Also, look out for the latest styles and formats by referring to various resume samples and examples, so that your curriculum vitae or CV does not look outdated.

You must be thinking why you need to update your CV, if you have a good job, and are happy with it. The answer is that there are new opportunities that keep coming up and your updated CV might get you something much better that you deserve. Well, if this reason is not sufficient I have some more that will help you make up your mind to update your CV.

Updated contact details: Many of us tend to change our phone numbers, mailing address and email id, due to some reasons, or relocation. If your CV is online without these updates, and the employers try reaching you, you will be in trouble. This is because if the employers cannot reach you, they will probably dump your CV and never get back to you.

Work experience: This is a very important section in your CV. Offers and interview calls that you get, depend on this. Keeping your work experience and achievements at work updated, brightens your chances of getting better opportunities. While updating your resume you must be aware of the resume template you are going to choose for your resume.

Avoid any misconceptions: If you do not update your CV and go for an interview, when you speak about something that is not mentioned on your CV, the interviewer might think that you are lying. They also make an opinion about you that you are not professional enough to keep your CV updated. This also raises a doubt on your responsibility, because they think that you are not responsible enough towards your career.

If you have still not updated your resume, update it now, and also check for new styles by referring to resume samples available online. Get ready to get a call for opportunities you deserve.

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